10 Fun Fall Activities in Your Backyard

by Alissa Marquess on August 30, 2013

One day the air changes – something shifts and you can feel it.  Autumn is arriving.  The gorgeous colors and spicy aromas of fall mean this is a time full of opportunities for making family memories.   This post is brought to you today by the delightful resource, Playful Learning.  Currently all Playful Learning courses are only $10, a great chance to snap up some fun activities to do with your family!

10 Fun Fall Activities for Your Family

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1. Jar Pets 2. Leaf Rainbow 3. Backyard Science (Playful Learning) 4. Applesauce and the 5 Senses 5. Fairy Houses (Amazon) 6. Leaf Labyrinth 7. Birdseed Cookies 8. Nature Display (Playful Learning) 9. Great Backyard Bird Count 10. Dinner on a Stick (Amazon) Image Map

1. Jar Pets - Study nature from your backyard up close.  My kids enjoy making drawings of the bugs we keep temporarily.

2. Leaf Rainbow - Enjoy the colors of fall while you search for color.

3. Backyard Science (Playful Learning) - This Playful Learning activity pack is full of family play ideas like making a “sound map” in your back yard,  and includes printables and short online videos to explain each activity to the kids.

4. Applesauce and the 5 Senses - Simple and satisfying.  My kids especially love using a hand crank apple peeler and of course, eating the treat they’ve prepared.

5. Fairy Houses (Amazon, book) – My kids love the Fairy Houses book I’ve linked to here.  It tells a story about a child visiting a beautiful forest and making a fairy house.  It gives ideas for making one each season. Fallen leaves and seeds are perfect for backyard fairy house building!

6. Leaf Labyrinth - A labyrinth has one path to follow.  Your fallen leaves offer the perfect easy to use medium for making your own yard labyrinth to walk with the kids.

7.  Birdseed Cookies - Make these simple birdseed cookies and feed your feathered friends!

8. Nature Display (Playful Learning) - Go on a walk or backyard explore, and then show off the beautiful fall nature items you’ve found.  I like the suggestions to use various containers for display and take a photo of items you need to leave in nature.

9. Great Backyard Bird Count – Birdwatching is an activity the whole family can enjoy.  We grab our notebooks and colored pencils to try and draw the birds we see.  A regional bird identification book will help you identify the birds in your yard.

10. Dinner on a Stick (Amazon, book)-  My family loves to make a fire in out patio fire pit and cook dinner on a stick.  The nip in the fall air makes for perfect snuggling weather while we watch the flames.


What are you looking forward to doing with your family this fall?


Great ideas. I pinned your suggestions for our "start of fall" week...


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