20 Conversation Starters for Taking Better Photos of Kids

by Beryl Young on May 16, 2014

Mom Photography Teacher Shares her best Conversation Starter Ideas for Getting Vibrant Photos of Kids

9 times out of 10 moms enter my Momtographie classes frustrated that their kids hate getting their photos taken, that they won’t look at the camera, and in fact turn and run the other way resulting in a blurry mess.

I know how frustrating this can be, and I want to issue a challenge to you today that may change the way you think of taking photos of your child – and get better results for both of you!

20 Converastion Starters for Taking Better Photos of Your Kids

I don’t think this is actually about your kids hating photography. It’s about them hating having to disengage from what they love to do (playing, running, moving) and actually sit still for you.

A few weeks ago I needed photos for a blog post I was working on. It was getting down to the wire to get photos snapped so one morning I said to my almost 4 year old, “Let’s go take some pictures together right now.”

“NO!” she adamantly barked back.

Frustrated and ready to give up I took a peek outside and saw a break in some early morning rain clouds that left several puddles on our street.

“Ok, so you don’t want to take photos, let’s go put on your rain boots and jump in rain puddles instead.”

“OK!” she squealed.

I told her that if I let her jump in puddles she had to let me bring the camera, and she agreed.  My daughter became much more agreeable when she knew she was about to play, use her imagination, and have fun.

When we can make photo taking into being more about the kids and meeting their needs and less about getting a perfect shot, that’s where the magic will happen and your beautiful photos will begin falling into place with less effort.

Because really, all your kids want and need is to be filled with opportunities to play and connect with YOU.   When we can engage them in conversation, fun, and play that’s when they’ll forget the camera even exists.  Today I’m going to help you get this process started.

Use the tips below to start talking and connecting. Allow these conversation and activity starters simply open up the opportunity for discussion to continue to flow.Be sure to bring the camera along so when the perfect moment arises all you have to do is point and click.

20 Conversation and Activity Starters to get Better Photos of Your Kids

20 Conversation Starter Photo Ideas for Kids

Ask About Their Day

  • Who did you play with at school?
  • What toys did you use?
  • Where did we visit?
  • Should we eat ___________(insert best thing ever here) for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Incite Their Imagination

  • I heard there’s a magical creature living in mommy’s lens. What is it?
  • What should we pretend to be today? (superhero, princess. doctor, chef, teacher, etc…)
  • Let’s go explore where the garden monsters/fairies/gnomes/bugs live!
  • Did any of the creatures/monsters/fairies/etc… crawl inside mommy’s camera? Can you see them in there?

Play A Game – try one of these conversation games, or go for a classic game from below:

  • Simon Says
  • Red Light, Green Light
  • Staring Contest (Into the Lens!)
  • Quiet Game
  • I Spy
  • Hopscotch

Do Something Unexpected and Silly

  • Bust out in song
  • Have a private dance party
  • Bring out the tickle monster
  • Make funny noises
  • Tell a joke

one ingredient fixHappy snapping!

For more conversation starter ideas, take a look at CWK’s Conversation Starter Resource Page.

If you’d like more photography ideas, click for information on Beryl’s Momtographie Online photography class for moms, and to take advantage of her early bird price which ends Sunday the 18th!





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