5 Minute Yogurt Container Bucket

by Alissa Marquess on June 27, 2013

Recycle your old yogurt containers by making them into buckets

(Originally published June, 2011)

We love making crafts from recycled materials, and those yogurt containers have got to be good for something!  How about the sand box?  Recycle those plastic containers into something useful:

Yogurt Container Buckets - reuse those yogurt containers for summer fun!

Quick and Easy way to Reuse a Yogurt Container::

A bucket with a handle- perfect for worm hunting or dirt hauling.

Here’s what you need:

  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • a couple yogurt containers

Supplies to make a yogurt container bucket - easy recycle!

How to make the Bucket:

Making the handle: One of the yogurt containers will be used to make a handle.

Snip down into the side of the container and then turn your scissors and and cut all the way around the container, trimming off the top edge.  Now cut all the way around again, creating about a half inch wide strip of plastic.

Cut a notch in each side of this strip.

Handle End

This is the end of the bucket handle with notches cut into it. Cut notches at both ends of the handle.

Making the Bucket:

Punch a hole in each side of the container that will become your bucket.

Roll the handle end so it can fit through the punched hole.  It’s kind of tricky because it’s not very soft plastic, you might need to trim a bit.

Making a yogurt container bucket - rolling the end of the handle.

Pinch the handle ends and roll them up.

Putting the handle into the recycled yogurt container bucket

Push the rolled end through the hole.  Repeat on the other side and you’ve got a bucket!

Recycled Yogurt Container Buckets

If you’re like us, you’ve got plenty of yogurt containers to reuse for this craft, so make a couple buckets, and go play in the dirt!

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Great tutorial. I can see our family whipping a few of these up to use down at the beach. Scavenger Hunt anyone :)


I read on pinterest that you can get the writing off the side of those containers with acetone. What an awesome site!

Kate from An Amazing Child
Kate from An Amazing Child

So often we throw away things which could be reused purposefully. This is a nice and simple tutorial. Thank you for sharing it with us.


How creative using an everyday objects. Practical and fun. Love it.


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