5 Sensory Activities for First Graders

Sensory Play for First Graders

I recently took part in the Kids Co-op – the link up is for all sorts of kids activities,  but I am went  through the ideas shared in the previous week to pull out my favorite sensory activities to share with you.

This week I have five sensory activities that will work for first graders and older kids too.  I find that there are lots of posts out there about preschooler sensory activities, but less for older kids so I like to collect ideas that will work for elementary age kids when I find them:

5 Sensory Activities for First Graders

Sometimes we only hear about sensory activities in the younger years, but first graders are certainly still learning a ton about their world through their senses.  Give one of these fun sensory activities a try with your six year old!


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    This is a great idea – I think that sensory play is so important and hadn’t realised how important until J was born (secondary teacher trained) and sharing ideas from the link up each will will provide a great way to find ideas. Thank you.

    PS. I Love your badge

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    So happy to see our story sensory box featured. Like Cerys, I had not heard of sensory play before becoming a mother, and I was teacher before I became a stay at home mom. I wish I had known about it before because I think it would have been useful to my elementary age students. Thank you for encouraging parents and teachers of school age children to engage their children in sensory play.

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