Acorn Candle Holders – Celebrating Autumn Light

by Alissa Marquess on October 15, 2012

Fall Craft for Kids - Acorn Candles In the fall when my crew and I go walking, we can’t pass an oak tree without pocketing a few of the acorns scattered in our path.  These autumn treasures certainly seemed to be calling to be included in a fall craft for the kids.

For this fall craft, I’m using glue kindly sent by Aleene’s glues and adhesives.  I always like having a bottle of their all-purpose Tacky Glue around for easy crafts like this. It is currently the white glue in our Basic Crafts Kit which I’ve put together to make it easier to say yes to doing craft projects.

Autumn has a glow to it – sun shining on golden leaves, orange pumpkins and rosy apples. Make these candles and celebrate the autumn light.

Acorn Candle Holders


  • Acorns (enough to go around your candle 15-20 if you want spares)
  • Candle
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
acorn craft - tracing the candle onto cardboard acorn craft project - cutting out cardboard
acorn craft project - gluing on the caps with glue dots
acorn craft project - a ring of glue to hold the acorns acorn craft project - candle holders


1. Trace your candle on a piece of cardboard.

2. Cut around your candle shape leaving about 3/4 inches – you want space to glue on the acorns.

3. Glue your acorn caps onto your acorns – we had fun using Aleene’s glue dots for this purpose.  Dots of white glue would work fine too.

4. Put a ring of glue on your cardboard.

5. Set your candle in the middle to keep spacing correct, then glue your acorns down. We used a pretty thick line of glue and let it dry a long time so the acorns would stay put.

Enjoy the Autumn Glow

acorn craft project - autumn light candle holders

Other fun ideas:

  • Let your child paint or glitter the acorns
  • Add other autumn treasures like seeds or twigs to the candle holder
  • Light your candle at dinner and ask what everyone is thankful for today.

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Bloggers are posting fall craft activities through October – this linky will be filling up with fun activities, have fun taking a look around!


Wow! I think that I am going to make these with my kids. They will love doing an art project with their father. My wife loves to collect candle holders as well, so I think that making her acorn candle holders will be a great gift for her birthday or mother's day. I can't wait to see her face when the kids give her the homemade candle holders. 


These are some awesome, unique, cheap candle holders. Making them would be as fun as seeing the finished product—lots of good memories for the kids. It's good that you glued the tops onto the acorns. They are designed to come off easily. It's easy to forget that those packages are seeds, and they are designed to fall apart and sprout.


i love this idea. very good. I want to make it now.


Cute idea! We always collect lots of acorns and mini pine cones in the fall. Fall natures walks are good for the soul.

maggy, red ted art
maggy, red ted art

Ooh Alissa, I LOVE THESE!! How sweet and pretty. Gorgeous. Will make some with my kids. Maggy


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