Conversation Starters – Resource Page for Starting Meaningful Conversation in Your Family

We’re practicing listening now so kids will keep talking later. Let’s get this conversation started!

Conversation Starters Resource page

Printable Conversation Starters:

These conversation starters can be printed out to use as fun question to get conversation started at dinnertime, to tuck into your bag for when you’re waiting in line, or read a few and then remember them for when you’re driving together.


5 Classic Conversation Games - Great conversation starters for family dinners, car rides, anytime!

Conversation Games to Play

Conversation games are so much fun for car rides, meal time…anytime you have a few moments with your family.  They don’t require anything but conversation, and another nice thing about them is they often work for starting conversations even when kids aren’t in the mood to talk.

It's about more than the legos - connecting through conversation

Ways to Listen Better:

Often times it’s not just about getting the conversation started – it’s listening while your child talks.  These are articles about learning to listen better, not interrupt and deal with difficult topics.


Conversation Starters - resources to get meaningful conversation going in your family



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