Easy Valentine Craft – Watercolor Marker Heart Doilies

We were very happy with this spur of the moment Valentines project.  We found a stack of heart doilies in an old file and they just seemed to be begging for some color…

Easy Watercolor Marker Heart Doilies

 This easy Valentine Craft only requires:

  • washable markers,
  • heart doilies
  • water
  • and if desired, a piece of watercolor paper or a paper towel.

valentine doilies

(Yes, these hearts look all faded because I was messing around with Instagram filters…)

We started out without any watercolor paper underneath, but it as the amount of liquid increased we decided to put our doilies on top of a piece of the absorbent paper both to catch extra drips and to see what kind of pattern would emerge.

Making Watercolor Marker Heart Doilies:

This craft requires gentle drawing on the valentine or else you’ll rip the doilies.

Dip the washable marker into the water and gently draw on the heart.

If you would like the colors to all blend prettily you can choose to put out only colors that mix nicely – up to you.

This is really an easy and quick valentine craft – that’s all there is too it.  Just keep dipping and drawing until you’re satisfied with your valentine.


heart valentine doiles after drying


Allow the colored doilies to dry before removing them from the watercolor paper.  Once your valentines are dry you can lift them from the paper and notice the pretty pattern they leave beneath.

If valentine makers are particularly impatient you can always dry the valentines with a blow dryer as well.

coloring heart doilies

What can you do with these hearts?

Hang your finished valentines on a Valentine bulletin board.

Use them in your Art Journal for the word Love.

String them on a Valentines Banner

Use them as a base for colorful valentine cards.

After making these colorful hearts, I found another similar tutorial for painted doilies from the lovely Artful Parent  – Check hers out to see how she strung them up as a bunting.

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  1. Painted mom says

    Does dipping the marker in water damage it or make it less effective without the water? I’m wondering if I should only try this with old markers?

    • says

      Maybe stick with the old markers…I don’t know that I noticed a difference, but our 3 year old has been brutal on our markers lately, so we have very few “good” ones that I would be worried about any how.

    • Ann says

      I did this project with my 2 1/2 year old buying new markers just to do this with. She ended up ruining majority of the colors since she let them soak in the water instead of just dipping them. But if they were just dipped I don’t think there’d be a problem.

  2. says

    I just LOVE the simplicity of this! And they would be such a fun open-ended activity for so many ages! Thank you so much for sharing our homemade valentines. They’re a perfect fit! :)

  3. Lisa says

    This has so much potential. If your worried about degrading your markers…..What if you colored the doilies, then spritzed them with water afterward, putting them on top of the water color paper. Since the markers are water soluble the color should bleed through the doily.

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