Foam Plate Sensory Play

by Alissa Marquess on November 2, 2011

Foam Plate Sensory Play Set Up

A foam plate with a design to poke holes in and a cork with a toothpick stuck in one end

A foam plate…hmmm, this has interesting possibilities for sensory play…

Uh oh, Leland seems out of sorts this morning, I better give him something interesting to do right away…

Maybe he’d like to stab holes in the letter ‘L’… I’ll draw a leaf too…there, that’s kind of cute…

Sure Mom, I can stab the ‘L’…

Foam Plate Stabbing with Toothpick

He played along with my idea for about 30 seconds.

Oh, but if we get that paper out of the way I can stabĀ  and scratch the foam!

Scratching the foam plate

Then he decided scratching and stabbing without paper was better sensory fun.

Hey- flipping this over is even better! >stab< >stab< >stab<

Upside down foam plate being stabbed

An upside down foam plate offers yet another senesory experience

This stuff feels neat when you break it! Look what I can do!

Foam plate destruction fun

Eventually just stabbing with a toothpick was not enough.

My work here is done.

On completely sensory played out plate.

Complete destruction was what was needed.

And with his sensory needs filled, he calmly sat down and ate his breakfast.

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