I Will Savor Their Childhood – Sharing the Little Habits that make a Big Difference for Enjoying Parenting

In 2013 we are going to BE there. We are going to delight in our families and notice the ways we can connect and enjoy each others company every day.

Join me as we learn which small habits make the biggest difference for enjoying parenting.

Join CwK to find the little habits that make a big difference for enjoying parenting - making the most of childhood in 2013!

This is not about being perfect.

This is not about sweeping changes that won’t last.

This is about making incremental, yet powerful, changes so that we can parent regret free.

We hear our grandparents, our mothers, and random people at the grocery store tell us to treasure every moment.  We hear about, or devastatingly, experience the death of a child and we KNOW these people are right about treasuring this precious time.

We KNOW we want to really be there and savor our kids’ childhood, but the house is a mess, we’re out of dog-food, late for work and the toddler just peed on the carpet.  How can we mesh our ideals with reality?

12 Habits of Happy Families

In 2013 Creative with Kids will present one habit per month for us to work on together, along with simple ideas for implementing this habit.  We’ll start in January with creating good routines, move on to taking care of ourselves and throughout the year delve into things like finding simple ways to give our kids positive attention and gathering a “toolbox” of quick activity ideas that work best for your family.

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Also, let me know – what habits do you think help the most with being able to enjoy your kids?  And what is your biggest obstacle to enjoying them?  What resources do you need?  I’m still working on the year’s plan and I’d love your input.

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  1. Meghan says

    Sounds like an awesome idea for your newsletter! I would like any further ideas you can find on how to help children effectively manage anger and disappointment. Thank you!

  2. Tara says

    Wonderful! I’m in! I think it would be great to compile a list of quick (under 30 minutes),fun, and easy activities the whole family can participate in! For crazy moments when the gears need to be switched:)

    We do “Pool Party” in the bathtub. Our 2 & 3 year old love to put their suits on and play in the tub-our rule is that mom and dad have to be present to facilitate play…this is different than bathtime when one parent bathes while the other puts laundry away or does dishes.

  3. says

    Oh I just love this idea!
    I am striving to for a calm year… which means not taking on too much and staying on top of the things we do have on… so I think your series is going to be super helpful! Have signed up for the newsletter and can’t wait!

  4. says

    What a wonderful series! I think you have hit on something SO important. That it truly is the little habits that we incorporate into our parenting practices that help us cultivate joy in the ordinary, daily routine. I am always struggling to be mindful … to let go of the things I need to do … and savor those pockets of time with my children. I love your perspective and look forward to reading your posts!

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