10 Best Indoor Active Play Toys – lasting and FUN

These are the best active toys for that can be used indoors. Get out some energy with bouncing and movement!

It’s been COLD and unfriendly outside and we’ve been needing activities to keep two busy preschoolers active while cooped up inside.  Here’s a list of our favorite preschool gross motor toys that can be used inside.

The BEST Indoor Active Play Toys

The Best Active Play Toys for Indoors:

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Rody Pony– Rody Ponies are super strong, and fun for many ages.  We’ve got two ponies and all three kids from ages 1 to 7 play with them.  Aside from their bouncing capabilities they’ve been central to countless pretend scenarios.

A Doorway “Gym” – These are a very fun way to let kids climb and swing (which is also great for their body and brain). You can try just a simple bar where they can reach up to try doing a pull up, or get something like this Gorilla Gym Kids with Indoor Swing, Plastic Rings, Trapeze Bar, Climbing Ladder, and Swinging Rope.

Mini Trampoline-Great for days when your child seems to have an endless need to crash around the house.  I do not have one of these yet, but  likely we’ll be purchasing one soon.  We just need something else to help burn off energy

And Indoor Ride on Toy – We have a little truck that just keeps on truckin’. It is similar to these Wheelie Bug toys and a has been a favorite for years now.

Bilibobilibo– After finding my three year old spinning on the floor in a mixing bowl, I knew we needed a couple of these instead.  Bilibos are very durable and encourage spinning, rocking, toy carrying and pretend play.  Ours have been used in the bath, in the fort outside and even as step stools.

Ikea Ekorre Swing– This makes for a cozy snuggling spot, a relaxing swinging place and one of the fastest spinning apparatuses I’ve ever seen.  I take this out only in winter and hang it in the boys room. Leland loves to swing (when he was a baby he’d actually fall asleep in the swings at the park) so this is a big hit.

Couches. These are not furniture (you thought they were?).  From obstacle courses made with the cushions, to the endless forts, my poor couches get A LOT of use as kid entertainment.

Sit – N – Spin– Some kids are calmed by spinning, even if this is not the case for your child, the coordination and strength required to make themselves spin can be a great indoor movement activity.   Ours stays interesting because I usually keep it in the closet and just take it down occasionally (the trick to keeping any toy entertaining it seems.)

Balance Board – Kids can step up on the balance board and have fun learning to balance, which improves their core strength while they play, or try the Diggin Wobble Deck for a game to go along with the balancing.

Tumbling Mat– This deceptively simple piece of play equipment is so much fun.  Show your kids how to do somersaults!  Practice hand stands, or even let them impress you with their cartwheels.  A mat makes this a much less nerve wracking play idea.

Do you have any favorite toys that can be used inside for gross motor play? I would love to know about them!

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  1. says

    what a great list of ideas… my middle boy often needs something physical to do inside for those days when it is too wet or too hot to go out.

  2. Christine Horvath says

    I just have to say your comment about spinning in a salad bowl made me laugh! Also made me think… what a great idea for some in home OT work! LOVE IT!

  3. says

    We have a yoga swing (hooks for it are in the living room ceiling) that the girls LOVE (I do too), a parachute, an exercise ball, a wheely bug, and next on our list is a twister board. We also use the throw pillows as things like stepping stones 😉

  4. says

    Thanks a lot for utilizing some time in order to compose “Indoor Preschool Activities- Let?s Bounce!
    ”. Thank you for a second time ,Krystal

  5. Jessica Wright says

    I wish I could pin this list into Pinterest directly :-) It’s really great, but I can’t find it on your boards, you have so many (awesome, btw). Help a girl out?

  6. Angie says

    I want that swing!! I’d like to add two that I just discovered this year, the Spin Disc (you can buy it at amazon…watch a video of it at youtube, search for “gym spin versus”). Also the Gonge top, also available at amazon, and you can watch a video on youtube. Both look super fun. I’m definitely getting the spin disc for my 7 year old who has outgrown his Whirly Rocket.

  7. Angie says

    I forgot one…we have had a Carrom Balance Board for years and kids of all ages love it!

  8. Melissa I. says

    I have a daughter who will be five in May. I’ve always kept her tricycle in the house. She rides circles around the first floor which I’m thankful for as she has an abundance of energy!

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