Kids Clothes Drawer Labels

by Alissa Marquess on October 12, 2010

UPDATE: Even more clothing pictures can be found on my Printable Kids Packing List

Free Printable Kids Clothing Drawer Labels

Last month I made labels for the boys’ clothes drawers.

This definitely has made it easier for everyone to find clothes or (even better) put them away!  I created the labels in Google Docs and will share the link below so anyone can use them- when I printed them I had each child’s name written on the label as well.  Then I colored all of Leland’s blue and all of James’ red, and  laminated them with clear contact paper. I hole punched them and tied them onto the kids clothing baskets.

Click to open printable clothing drawer labels.
Kids Clothing Drawer Labels

You may print them as they are, or make a copy from within Google Docs and edit as you wish.

To make your own editable copy of the clothing labels – simply click on [File] on the left hand side of the screen and select [Make a copy]. You’ll then be able to edit the document, add names if you like and so on.

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