Kiwi Crate Saves the Day!

{The winner of our Kiwi Crate Giveaway is commenter number 10- Jennifer Weiss! Congrats!}

Hey! I’ve got a present for you!  I’m giving away a Kiwi Crate!  But first, this riddle:

What’s worse that being inside for three days with sick kids and bad sleep?

Melt down!Having nothing to do on the afternoon of day three as the restless, but not quite healthy oldest kids, ages four and six, start to exude that I-just-want-to-hit-you-go-away-but-I-won’t-leave-you-alone energy at each other, while the one year old sniffles around grousing and grumpy.

It is enough to drive a mama to stand at the pantry and quietly eat up all the chocolate chips.

But suddenly, in the midst of chaos (and a dire lack of chocolate chips) a ray of light, the sounding of trumpets:Opening Kiwi Crate to review (1)

A Kiwi Crate arrived on my doorstep for me to review. (Kiwi Crates are a craft-box monthly subscription service, “A crate filled with materials and inspiration will arrive on your doorstep each month.” So, yes, they sent me a crate for free, but the opinions in this review are MINE.)

As we open it I am, first off, totally impressed with how cute it is, and how much care went into packaging it (You can find the story about their name if you click here.)

I am also hoping desperately that it will be something both my boys can participate in, and won’t precipitate more tears and tantrums.

Kiwi Crate Review (2)

I am pleased to say that it not only had plenty of materials to share, it also immediately got my kids’ attention.

Kiwi Crate Review: Cool Shades

They dove right in, happily chattering about what they were doing, as I scanned the little idea pamphlets included in the box.

Kiwi Crate Review (4)

Kiwi Crate does a great job of sending open ended crafts that will spark creativity.  You can tell a lot of care has gone into designing the crates, not only because of the thoughtful inclusion of every item you’ll need, but also because they include pamphlets with questions to get your family thinking, ideas for books to go along with the crafts and links to even more ideas on their website.

(In fact they keep a pretty dang cool blog, with kids craft ideas,for everyone.  You can like them on facebook to follow it.)

Kiwi Crate Review (5)
I was actually so happy with my Kiwi Crate that I wrote them to ask if I could give one to my readers and, hooray!  They are giving away a Kiwi Crate to a lucky reader of my blog!

You can win your own Day-Saving-Device /Open-and-Go Box of Creativity from Kiwi Crate.  All you need to do is to go to their website and look at the sample cratesEnter to win by leaving a comment here as to which crate you like.

By entering below you are agreeing to the Official Rules.

One entry per person, U.S. residents only; comments will close at 9pm MST December 20th. One winner will be drawn on December 21st and notified by email.

Leave a comment below with which crate you like to enter!

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  1. Jyothi Muscetta says

    My 8 and 2 year old would love the Gardening crate!

  2. Anna says

    My daughter would love the dinosaur crate. What a cute idea!

  3. says

    Oh my–the dinosaur crate, hands down! My three year old is so completely enamored with dinosaurs these days.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. says

    These do look cute- I’d have to pick the dinosaur crate both of my girls are dino-crazy at the moment. :)

  5. Jennifer Weiss says

    I think that my kids would like the gardening crate for sure.

  6. says

    The dinosaur and color crates both look like so much fun, but then again so does the gardening crate! I can’t choose!

  7. Peg Major/ Little Blessings Home daycare says

    I think this is a wonderful concept! I would enjoy
    the Color Crate!

  8. Rebecca hanks says

    The colors crate looks like so much fun! What a fantastic give away!!

  9. Michelle P says

    Wow this is the best idea ever!! I like the color one and the Dino one, Great for open end play. I know my kids would like all of them. Plus the fact that they would get something in the mail just for them would be awsome too. This is so exciting!!!!

  10. Hemanth says

    This is a great giveaway, my girl would love the dino crate!!

  11. Lorien says

    I agree what a great give away. I love the color crate!

  12. Pranjali says

    I would love to see how my 2 yr old boy reacts with dinosaurs crate

  13. Louise barrett says

    My 2 and 3 year old art-mad children would love the colour crate. Infact, they’d love to dig into them all!!!!

  14. says

    Thank you for sharing these, I had never heard of them! We will be signing up after the first of the year! My 4 year old would LOVE the dinosaur crate.

  15. Denise G. says

    The color crate would be so much fun for my two and a half year old! And I’m sure my 10 month old would love to chew on that crate too :)

  16. Savaran says

    Thanks for the giveway! My daughter would love these, esp the gardening crate

  17. Debra says

    I’m gunning for Aunt of the year! Since I garden, I think my nephews and niece would love to do the garden crate. The boys would also super love the dinosaur crate.

  18. Melissa Lambert says

    The dinosaur crate looks so fun. My 3 year old son would LOVE this. We’ve been eyeing these Kiwi crates for a while, but have yet to order one.

  19. Jennifer says

    My 3 1/2 year old would love the dinosaur crate! How fun!!

  20. Sahitya says

    Wow this is great!! I think my daughter would love the gardening crate the most!

  21. Vicki LeBlanc says

    my granddaughter would love the Dinosaur crate! She is very interested in dinosaurs & fossils at 3 1/2 years old :)

  22. says

    All three sample crates look adorable, but my favorite is the Garden Crate. It looks like so much fun!