Make Creating with Kids Easy by Gathering This Basic Kit

by Alissa Marquess on May 9, 2012

Many parents who want to be creative with their kids are limited by organization and time.  Here’s one way to solve that:

Make a Basic Kids Craft Supply Kit

In order to make creating creating with kids easy, gather these basic supplies all in one spot (A basket or box near where you usually do crafts works well.)  This list is short and simple- you could purchase everything on it for under $25.

Though the list is simple, if you have the following basic craft supplies handy you can do hundreds of kids crafts, from simple painting or drawing to more involved crafts like paper mache. If have these basics available you will always have an activity at hand, and you can easily expand your crafting repetoire by adding only a few items here and there.

Basic Kids Arts and Crafts Supply Kit

Basic Kids art supply list

(Click the above link to access this list on Amazon)

  • Washable water colors
  • {Edited to add} Liquid paint, like Tempera or acrylics
  • Washable Markers
  • Crayons
  • Pad of Plain Paper
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors (kid size help a lot)
  • White Glue
  • Tape
  • Plastic cups for holding paint water
  • Access to the recycle bin! ;)

For Clean Up:

Store these items near your crafting supplies as well.

  • Something to cover your work surface-  a vinyl table cloth or newspaper works well.
  • Rags for blotting paintbrushes and wiping up spills
  • A smock or old shirt to cover clothes- or simply craft in “crafty” clothes or without clothing.

Optional fun items:

  • Pipe cleaners (Use for a kid friendly way to bind a book, bend and twist into creatures and so on.)
  • Googly eyes (Instant creatures out of blobs, and blots)
  • Glitter or glitter glue (It’s sparkly, enough said.)
  • Salt (Sprinkle over wet water color and let dry, sprinkle on glue and then paint over it.)

           [Ok, got the supplies together. Now WHAT??]

Try one of these 20+ Art Ideas Using Just the Basics!



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Alissa Marquess
Alissa Marquess

It's a simple kit, but I really am amazed how much easier it is to get going when I can at least grab these basic supplies in no time. @Becky- I love Childhood Beckons, thanks for stopping by!


Great kit list and ideas! I am a new reader from the link that Childhood Beckons posted on Facebook. I can't wait to check out some of your other posts.


Great list! I always keep the list in my head but haven't organised into a seperate box yet. Thanks for the inspiration. Your site always has the best ideas!

maryanne @ mama smiles
maryanne @ mama smiles

Fabulous list!!! I'm all about washable everything! Thanks for linking over to our kid-friendly book-binding :)

Sarah E. White
Sarah E. White

Great tips! I'm speaking at my local MOPS group next week about crafting with and for kids, and I'm going to share this list to remind them that "making art" with kids does not have to be a big production. Thanks for sharing!


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