Printable Creative Christmas Countdown Activities List

by Alissa Marquess on November 29, 2011

You know the Creative Christmas Countdown starts in only a couple days right?  Let me tell you, this group of 24 bloggers is REALLY excited to share their activities with you each day. Each day I will post a featured blogger and their Christmas activity. At anytime, if you want to see all the activities so far, you can visit the Creative Christmas Countdown page.

Blury Creative Christmas Countdown List

This image is blurry on purpose so only people who WANT to see the whole list before hand see it when they click here.

Want a peek at the activities of the Creative Christmas Countdown?  Would you like to print out  a list of activities, maybe stick them in your own family’s advent calendar?

You’re in luck!  Terri of My Creative Family created a printable list of the Creative Christmas Countdown activities just for you.  No clicking the link if you want a surprise each day!

REMINDER- You’re a super star if you wind up doing even half of these activities with your kids!  Also, don’t worry about doing exactly what the day says, just let the idea inspire you. For instance when a day says, “A tradition with grandparents”  You might think about just telling a story to your kids about how Christmas was for your parents.  Make this simple for yourself!!


December 1st the holiday fun begins!  Now I’ve got to get to work making my own kid’s advent calendar.  See you Thursday!

In the mean time, go check out the creative blogs taking part in the countdown!

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8. Mama Pea Pod

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10. Nurture Store

11. A Mom With A Lesson Plan

12. hands on : as we grow

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15. Kitchen Counter Chronicles

16. Living at the Whitehead’s Zoo

17. My Creative Family

18. Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

19. Toddler Approved

20. Dinosaurs & Octopuses

21. Creative With Kids

22. Science Sparks

23. The Outlaw Mom Blog

24. Creative Connections For Kids

Leslie S.
Leslie S.

We did day 2, today for day 3! We are enjoying the ideas -- thanks for sharing ladies!!!!


These look like so much fun!!! Thank you!


After discussion with the other bloggers here's what we came up with: We hope people will simply use these ideas as a jumping off point for an activity with their family. Many of the crafts use supplies that anyone would have on hand, but if you don't have the materials on hand, frequently the bloggers give alternate suggestions, or encourage you to be inspired and do your own thing. We all look forward to seeing and hearing about the creative play you do with your kids!


Is there any way to find out what supplies we might need for each activity before the day of? I do not have the ability to go out and get crafts for each day.... Thanks!


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