Setting Creativity Goals

This is the second post in the Planting Creative Seeds series I’m hosting with Red Ted Art.

Today: Setting Creativity Goals.How to set creativity goals

How can you make goals that will give you something exciting to work (and play!) towards, and keep you motivated to create this year?

If you have done the journaling for creativity that I wrote about earlier this week, you likely have a pretty good idea of where you stand in your life right now as far as making time for creativity, and finding ways to include it in your life.

5 Creativity Goal Setting Tips

  1. Make it simple. If you can remember these goals off the top of your head, you’re going to be more likely to do them.
  2. Make you goals quantifiable.  What will let you know that you have achieved your goal?  Write that down.  Instead of: ‘I will sew more’,  try: ‘I will complete four sewing projects.’ (you get the picture)
  3. Choose goals that fit with your life.  Yes, it’s good to dream big, even better to take steps towards your dreams, but it’s also totally unmotivating to set something unreachable as your marker of success.  Keep thinking about the answers to your journaling questions. If you are going to have a newborn this year, for instance, it might be frustrating to try and learn a new skill- only you know what works for you and your family.
  4. Choose goals that make your heart beat fast! Really listen deep within yourself.  Are you making something a goal because you think you Should?  Make goals that excite YOU, not goals that you think others think you should have (that’s getting pretty convoluted…)  But hey, I’m guilty of this.  I get to thinking we SHOULD be studying great artists.  Well, maybe we should, maybe we will, but it’s not what gets me excited.  At this point in my life, with three young kids, honestly, I am only likely to get something done if it really catches my attention.
  5. Put Your Goals Somewhere you’ll find them again.  I’ve got this blog post- you can blog about yours, journal about yours, whatever, but put the list somewhere you won’t lose it!

My Creativity Goals for this coming year:

  • Make my craft room kid friendly. I want this to be a space that I can work side by side with my kids, or where I can turn my back for a moment and not have total chaos result.
  • Do 10 things in my home to make it easier to say yes to art every day.  Blog about these ten things.
  • Have a No Spend Crafts Year– blog about this too 😉

3 Creativity Goals for my 3 kids:Creativity Goals for my kids

  • Sew at least 3 projects with James (age 6 1/2) to help him learn to sew.
  • Make at least 3 miniature worlds with Leland (age 4 1/2) He loves this pretend play and so do I, let’s enjoy this while he still thinks it’s fun.
  • Sew at least 3 pieces of clothing for Azalea (age 1 1/2)- I have always wanted to have a baby girl to sew for.  If I don’t get going she won’t even remotely be a baby any more!

Even if we have a busy life, it doesn’t mean we cast out creativity all together.  We’re making creativity a priority this year (you and me Creative Reader, dear :)).  We’re going to acheive these goals, and if we don’t, we’re going to have creative fun trying!

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  1. says

    Your posts are always so well-conceived, Alissa- This is great advice and I love your goals! I so wish I could sew. I think I would love it. But, I’m afraid of picking up another addictive habit. haha!

  2. Tricia says

    I tied commenting last night but it didn’t take….maybe spam? Great post! I love your goals. I want to get a grip on paperwork and photos this year. :)

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