Creative Christmas Countdown 2012

Online Advent Calendar with daily ideas for fun, simple  family activities.

This is the page from the 2012 Creative Christmas Countdown

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Creative Christmas Advent Calendar

Celebrate the Season!
24 Bloggers – 24 Activities

Make your holiday magical without the stress.

Jump in any time – bloggers will be using basic materials that most of us have already on hand.

The Christmas Countdown is a clickable list of Christmas Activities- a new one added each day in December!

Find this years Christmas Countdown and sign up here – You’ll receive a brief email with each day’s with activity idea.

Here are the 2012 Activity and Supply Lists

I think you’ll find that you have most of the items at home already, but you can check the lists to see if there is anything you want to purchase.


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  1. Lorien says

    I am so excited about your Creative Christmas Countdown. We had so much fun with it last year. I have literally been looking forward to it for weeks already! Thank you for all the hard work and thoughtfulness that you put into your blog, it truly is a blessing to so many.

  2. says

    I am very happy to be part of this advent calendar again this year! It’s beautiful to bring christmas in this way to families.
    Thank you for putting it together,

  3. Samantha says

    I’m excited about this project for my 4 year old. I just found out that my local Michaels is having this great 40% off your entire bill sale this Sunday. Any chance we could get the supplies list *early*????

  4. says

    Is the first supply list available yet? It is less than a week away and I am getting giddy with anticipation. :)


  5. says

    Thank you for bring us such an amazing countdown. I’m new to the countdown this year and I’m very excited. Have been on a pound shop trawl today for the few bits I think I’ll need. It mentions above that we will be sent an email about a week before with a supply list etc but I haven’t received anything yet, I have checked I am signed up so was just wondering if it’s been sent out yet? Just want to say thank you in advance to all the contributing bloggers for the activities, so much time and thought has gone in to this. I will be attempting to blog about my efforts on my very fledgling blog and will of course link back here and to individual contributors to give full credit where it’s due : ) (p.s Is that the correct thing to do, so new to this?)

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