Toddler Toothpicks Fine Motor Activity

Toddler Toothpicks Fine Motor Have a spice jar handy? How about toothpicks? That’s all this toddler fine motor activity requires.

I set the empty spice jar on the ground and set out ten toothpicks (I counted before laying them out so I would know I got them all picked up at the end of play.)

I picked up a toothpick and dropped it through a hole in the lid. You can bet my toddler wanted to try that too.  She carefully poked all ten toothpicks through the holes with great concentration.  She actually did this activity three times in a row before getting tired of it and deciding to use the jar with toothpicks it as a musical instrument.

Toddler Fine Motor

You might wonder if toothpicks are a good idea for a toddler.  This is one of those activities that falls inline with my idea that with proper attention small objects need not be off limits to toddlers.  With you beside them they get to enjoy exploring a new material and have the company they like best.

So- don’t toss out that empty spice jar.  Save it for toddler fine motor play instead!

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  1. Amy says

    I stepped on a toothpick last week. VERY painful. Make sure you do the counting and picking all of them up.

  2. says

    I need to work on emptying some spice jars so I can do this!!

    This might keep my daughter occupied for awhile so I could actually get something done! (like the dishes piling up :)). Love this and love how it works on fine motor skills in such a simple and entertaining way.

  3. Cortney says

    My 13 month old son loved this and of course big sis (4) wanted to get in on the action too…so now we have two empty spice jars with toothpicks that are used almost daily. Thanks for a great idea! I am thinking if I empty one of my Costco size spice jars I could use plastic coffee stir sticks instead of toothpicks… to use up the rest of the garlic powder.

  4. Heather says

    Might I suggest using popsicle sticks and a parmesan cheese shaker jar instead? Seems a LOT more safe. Paint or color the sticks and you can even use a pringles can or something similar and punch holes in the top. My daughter’s daycare teacher did the cheese shaker and sticks and my 19 month old LOVED it! She kept calling it “sticks”!

  5. Tanya says

    Thanks for this idea! We use coloured matchsticks with this activity and both of my children really enjoy putting the sticks in and shaking them around!

  6. sherrie says

    Sounds fun but don’t like the idea of toothpicks. I’m thinking broken spaghetti would work better. You could break in different lengths.

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