Toddlers Won’t Wait for You to Have the Perfect Time to Connect

by Alissa Marquess on May 22, 2012

Let it be Simple.

Allow yourself to enjoy simple activities.

Rather than a thing to do with toddlers, today I bring you something NOT to do and something to allow yourself.

As a mom to three kids, if there’s one thing I know about toddlerhood, it’s that it’s REALLY a short period of time.  I get it, many parts of parenting a toddler are exhausting and can make you feel like you’re going nuts, but believe me, it will be done soon.  Your child will change and grow, and with those changes come other fun and new developments, but this quirky, cute, funny little toddler is who’s here right now.

Today I challenge you to look at your toddler and see ALL the wonderful things about this stage and ask yourself how you’re going to find a way to enjoy them before this part of childhood is gone.

You know that wobbly little walk you love?  Or the way your toddler gets engrossed in something so mundane like pouring water from one cup to another?  Or how about the whole-body joy your toddler shows when you play peek-a-boo?  That’s toddlerhood and it won’t last.  Your four year old will still be adorable, but they won’t do these things!

Listen to today’s message about connecting with toddlers in this brief video:

OK- and if you, like many of us, find that you get a little bored when doing these simple activities with your toddler, I have  some suggestions on my post:  A Few Secrets About Playing with Toddlers.

I hope you let this be the day that you start a habit of connecting with your toddler and letting perfection wait indefinitely!

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