Watch those diggers!

A construction site! Yes!  Ripping, digging, dumping, drilling!  How odd that this tree-hugging mama feels so happy looking at big yellow diggers…but maybe you know how that is.

Do you have kids that love trucks?  One of my favorite ways to put a little fun in our day is to make a surprise stop at a place with trucks working, and  stay to watch the construction site until the kids are ready to leave.


Finding a construction site with a parking lot nearby never used to be the highlight of my day.  I didn’t know the names of heavy equipment, I didn’t hear music in the sound of a back up beeper.

Oh, how times have changed.


Two boys and a few years later, and I now know the thrill of finding a place to watch a worksite.  I also enjoy the feeling of taking a moment out of my never ending list of grown-up to-dos to step into kid time.  Taking in something that is important to my boys at their pace gives me a chance to connect, and maybe catch a glimpse of the world that they find so fascinating.

I love the conversations that follow a stop like this: What do you think they’re building mama?  Where do you think they keep the paper plans?  If I was driving a dump truck here’s what I would do…  All little views into what my boys’ imaginations.

I wonder what the workers think of the little faces watching them work (and I bet they have no idea that the mom on her phone is blogging about them!) I hope they know they’re a bright spot in our day.

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    Now this is my kind of activity! How sweet you are to slow down and enjoy watching diggers with your boys. It’s making me a little teary. Seriously. Thank you for sharing this. It made me all emotional and it made me crave a special outing with my son sometime soon!

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